ZESTRON is the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions for the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries. With eight worldwide technical centers and the largest team of engineers focused on high precision cleaning, our commitment to ensuring that our customers surpass even the most stringent cleaning requirements is without equal.


ZESTRON's history dates to 1975 with the founding of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH in Ingolstadt, Germany, a company committed to developing innovative cleaning alternatives for hard metal surfaces. Following this business's success, ZESTRON was incorporated in 1990 and is dedicated to developing and providing innovative precision cleaning solutions for the electronics industry.

ZESTRON provides innovative, eco-friendly process solutions, including pH neutral cleaning agents for all electronics cleaning applications; from the SMT process such as PCBs, stencils, screens, reflow ovens, solder pallets, condensation traps, to cleaning power electronics such as DCBs, power LEDs, and packages.

Furthermore, we offer advanced and efficient methods for bath monitoring as well as real time cleanliness analysis per current IPC standards.

All ZESTRON products can be evaluated for free in one of our eight global Technical Centers located in America, Europe or Asia and are fully compliant with REACH, RoHS / WEEE.




ZESTRON SMT Line Process Optimization

Failure is not an option! When cleaning printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, the primary goal is to remove contaminants from populated PCBs and hybrid assemblies that can contribute to performance failure in the field. Using engineered PCB cleaning solutions is essential to ensure the cleanliness and full removal of contaminates like flux residues from assemblies used in high-reliability applications and industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, telecommunications, and military.

Any modification in a manufacturing process such as introduction of a new solder paste, adding a new product, or change in soldering profile, will result in possible cleaning process changes. Any process change requires a detailed review or optimization to guarantee that the required level of cleanliness is achieved. By conducting substrate cleanliness assessments at our Technical Center and/or detailed process review at your location, our Application Engineers will redefine and document all cleaning process operating parameters to ensure your cleaning requirements are achieved.


  • PCB cleanliness assessment according to current IPC standards
  • Comprehensive cleaning process assessment and optimization conducted by a ZESTRON Application Engineer
  • Peripheral device inspection, evaluation and recommendations provided

ZESTRON Free Cleaning Trials

Are you developing a new precision cleaning process, or qualifying an existing one? Have you made process changes such as incorporating a new flux material or cleaning electronic assemblies with new and/or complex geometries? If so, visit one of ZESTRON’s eight globally linked Technical Centers for expert advice and assistance to define the most efficient precision cleaning process for your application.

With a comprehensive selection of more than 90 cleaning machines by internationally leading companies, our Application Engineers can assist and guide you with selecting the most suitable machine type and most effective engineered cleaning agent for your process.

Conduct and/or participate in free-of-charge cleaning trials in our Technical Centers with multiple machine types using your substrates or ZESTRON’s own test vehicle. As part of the cleaning trials, our Application Engineers will conduct analytical cleanliness assessments confirming the cleanliness results achieved. Following all tests, you will receive a comprehensive technical report detailing all test results, process recommendations and critical process operating parameters.

Key Benefits:

  • Conduct effective cleaning trials using your electronic assemblies, SMT stencils and solder pallets to determine best process settings for your specific process
  • Evaluate numerous machine types including spray-in-air, ultrasonic and dip tank in one location
  • Evaluate leading water-based VIGON®, ATRON®, HYDRON® cleaning solutions as well as solvent-based ZESTRON® products as required
  • Receive real time cleanliness assessment according to industry standards
  • Receive a comprehensive technical report with test details and process recommendations
  • Obtain independent expert advice based on more than 20 years of industry experience and over 2,000 electronics cleaning processes installed worldwide

ZESTRON Process Implementation

As part of our comprehensive start-up process implementation program, ZESTRON guides you through the entire development and implementation of your new cleaning process.

A precision cleaning process is selected and qualified by customers based on extensive testing performed in specific machine types and configurations, as well as substrate cleanliness analysis per IPC standards. However, this is just the beginning of defining a quality cleaning process. Effective process implementation at a customer site and documentation of process parameters is critical to the long-term stability and reliability of the cleaning process.

Our Application Engineers provide hands-on support during the equipment integration into your production line. We provide customized training for your personnel and operators, ensuring they are equipped to operate and maintain the cleaning process such that the high level of cleaning results that are required are achieved reliably and consistently.

Following implementation, our Application Engineer works with your team to monitor your cleaning process through our Bath Analysis program thereby ensuring the cleaning agent bath life is maximized and process costs are minimized.

Your benefit:

  • Comprehensive and dedicated application engineering services
  • Proper documentation of operating parameters
  • Customized training for your operators
  • Expert advice – experience with more than 2,000 processes installed worldwide

ZESTRON Cleanliness Assessment Services

At ZESTRON's Analytical Center, you have the opportunity to evaluate the electronics’ surface cleanliness according to IPC standards, J-STD, MIL, or latest industry requirements employing a variety of test techniques. Evaluate PCB cleanliness using various analytical test techniques based on current IPC standards with detailed technical reports documenting assessment and process recommendations.

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