Aqueous Tech

Aqueous Technologies is a leading source of automated, sustainable and cost-effective circuit board cleaning systems to the electronics field. They are devoted to developing innovative solutions that allow their customers to meet increasingly challenging environmental standards while preserving the highest levels of productivity.

Aqueous Tech

Aqueous has the knowledge and experience to provide preeminent products on schedule with an unwavering commitment to customer service. They strive to be the best in their field by routinely delivering innovative platforms that match or surpass client standards while staying true to their original mission: "to provide world class electronics assembly services at competitive prices."

To fulfill all production volume needs, Aqueous Technologies offers batch flux cleaning equipment in single, double, and triple chamber configurations. They also offer leading stencil cleaning machines and ionic contamination testers to insure process reliability.

Aqueous continually provides proven-and-tested tech and have built thousands of units in the last twenty-five years and our products work in multiple countries on six continents.

Aqueous Technologies is a renowned pioneer in teaching the industry with a collection of instructional, non-commercial training videos on all PCB cleaning issues.