Control moisture and ESD risks by storing your components, assemblies and PCBs Totechs humidity controlling cabinets
Totech Superdry began nearly a decade ago as a distribution and technical support channel for ultra-low humidity dry cabinets with patented Zeolite technology. Rapid growth was fuelled by European RoHS legislation that magnified the need to carefully control product failures caused by moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). Since then, Super Dry® Totech has become an independent design and manufacturing organization serving global markets with leading edge MSD solutions. Super Dry® technology is still applied to Totech's patented Zeolite desiccant dry cabinets, but an ever-expanding product line now includes desiccant cartridges, ultra-low humidity gas generators and intelligent enclosures for electronics applications.
Totech Superdry
Super Dry® has demonstrated its capabilities in devices ranging from consumer products to complex PCB’s with plastic BGA components, semiconductor manufacturing and medical devices. The technology is also rapidly becoming the preferred solution for companies needing to reduce costs and improve process control by eliminating moisture-related product failures.
Totech's Zeolite desiccant dry cabinets are at the heart of the Super Dry® family of products. Capture efficiencies approach 99.5 % in these ventilated enclosures that use a patented three-stage filtration process to minimize the amount of moisture released into the environment. The dry cabinets are available in bench top, floor standing and rack mount configurations to meet the needs of any laboratory or production environment.
Managing component moisture levels is an increasing requirement as devices that can absorb humidity are subject to “popcorning” when going through a SMT reflow oven. Customers can use Super Dry® capabilities to address the challenge of controlling relative humidity (RH) for component storage.
The combination of Super Dry® technology and engineering expertise has resulted in a comprehensive line of products that solve the challenge of moisture-related product failures. Totech's products are backed by superior customer service and technical support, ensuring that you get the most from your investment in Super Dry® technology.
Totech's Zeolite desiccant dry cabinets and ultra-low humidity gas generators are available through Restronics. For more information, please contact your sales representative at Restronics Northern California.